GalPaK v1.9.0


Papers using GalPak

  • Karim et al. in prep, CII disks at z=4 with ALMA
  • Mason et al. 2016, First Results from the KMOS Lens-Amplified Spectroscopic Survey (KLASS): Kinematics of Lensed Galaxies at Cosmic Noon, ApJ, in press
  • Schroetter et al. 2016, Muse Gas Flow and Wind (MEGAFLOW). I. First MUSE Results on Background Quasars, ApJ, 833, 39
  • Contini et al. 2016, Kinematics of low-mass galaxies up to z=1.4 from deep MUSE observations in the HDFS, A&A, 591, 49
  • Bouché et al. 2016, Possible Signatures of a Cold-flow Disk from MUSE Using a z=1 Galaxy-Quasar Pair toward SDSS J1422-0001, ApJ, 820, 121
  • Martin & Soto 2016, Resolving Gas Flows In The ULIRGSIRAS23365+3604 With KECK LGSAO/OSIRIS, (Resolving Gas Flows in the Ultraluminous Starburst IRAS 23365+3604 with Keck LGSAO/OSIRIS, ApJ, 819, 49
  • Bolatto et al. 2015, High Resolution Imaging of PHIBSS z=2 Main Sequence Galaxies in CO(1-0), ApJ, 809, 175
  • Schroetter et al. 2015, The VLT SINFONI MgII Program for Line Emitters (SIMPLE) II: Background Quasars probing Z=1 winds, ApJ, 804, 83
  • Bacon et al. 2015, The MUSE 3D view of the Hubble Deep Field South, A&A, 575, A75
  • Péroux et al. 2013, A SINFONI integral field spectroscopy survey for galaxy counterparts to damped Lyman alpha systems - IV. Masses and gas flows MNRAS, 436, 2650
  • Bouché et al. 2013, Signatures of Cool Gas Fueling a Star-Forming Galaxy at Redshift 2.3, Science 341, 6141

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