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Clone the repository using git (up coming)

Download from the Astro Common Library (up coming)

If you want to contribute, write to Nicolas Bouché.



  • Run python install;


  • Add the galpak parent directory to your PYTHONPATH.


The galpak module has been developed for Python 2.7. It does not mean that it won’t work with Python > 3.0, but it has not been tested. (it probably won’t without some tweaking, though)

The following are mandatory python modules that galpak depends upon :

  • numpy
  • scipy
  • astropy
  • matplotlib

The following are optional python modules that improves galpak functionalities :

pyfits and asciitable are now obsolete since v1.8.7

Development environment

This module also depends on unittest and nose for unit-testing. The benchmark module is used in benchmarking. The sphinx module is used to generate this documentation.